Introduction for birth partners

Congratulations on being a birth partner. Support is an important part of the birth and research has proven that it affects birth outcomes positively. You are a crucial and integral part of HypnoBirthing.

Birth Naturally’s antenatal HypnoBirthing classes, in Skipton, Yorkshire teach you how to support with preparation and on the wonderful day itself. You will learn practical, physical, emotional and hypnotic support techniques to help the birthing mother. HypnoBirthing works with the mind to directly affect the birthing body which results in calmer, more comfortable births. Through relaxation and visualisations, self hypnosis, daily practice and understanding of how the birthing body works the opportunity for the best birth outcome is given.

It is important that birth partners attend classes, participate in practice sessions at home and be of practical support in having a baby. Preparation, planning, education and support give power and the ability to make informed choices for a birthing couple.  Though some women choose to have home or water births, once they have attended a Birth Naturally course, this is not what HypnoBirthing is about. HypnoBirthing is about positive births.

It is about women, and their birth partners, feeling empowered, positive, calm, free of fear and able to make the right choices for them. This allows both of you to remain in control no matter what turn the birth may take and feel positive about the birth experience. Despite popular misconception, the HypnoBirthing techniques can also be used for births with special circumstances such as emergency or elective C-sections.

Informing – Supporting – Transforming